The Third Jihad

Host A Screening

Show ‘The Third Jihad’ to your friends, relatives and community members.  Hosting a community screening is one of the best ways to spread knowledge about Radical Islam.

The Third Jihad screenings take place around the world. Some of the most common places are: private homes, office groups, community centers, small theaters, schools and universities, and faith groups such as (churches, synagogues, mosques, etc.).

According to the copyright laws of The Third Jihad, the film is intended for personal viewing only. In order to create a screening event, please adhere to our screening policies and fees. For more information, please contact us at

 To inquire about a screening, please enter the following information:

Regular Screening- $75
Educational Screening (schools and Universities)- $50

I agree to the above costs and conditions, please send me an application.

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