The Third Jihad
Most people don't realize there's a war, and that's the way the Radical Islamists would like things to remain. This is the war of Radical Islam, funded by oil and run by extremists whose goals are to spread terror and Jihad until the world is forced to surrender.
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1. Campus Outreach: Equipping today's University students with the tools, knowledge and information to educate themselves and other on the threat of radical Islam.
a) Screening kits
b) Fact Sheets and recommended reading
c) Lectures and Conferences

2. Community Outreach: Securing a presence in communities all over the United States to educate and empower all Americans to take a stand against radical Islam.
a) Screening kits
b) Lectures

3. Internet Outreach: Today with the power and reach of the internet we are able to convey our messages to millions of people with the click of a mouse.

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